You Can Get A Unicorn Ice Cream Cake That Comes With A Layer Of Confetti Cake

To say that this Unicorn Ice Cream Cake is beautiful is an understatement. The unicorn trend never goes out of style whether in modern art, fashion, makeup and even in culinary arts. Besides, any food tastes better when it is beautifully served. It goes without saying that one has to possess artistic ability to create mouthwatering food that can also please the eyes. There is one exception, though. If you want to have an exquisite cake, minus the baking and decorating process, all you need to do is go to Walmart.

Marketside, a brand under Walmart, offers the cute ice cream cake. This charming cake is made for those who want to impress their guests with an enchanting and delightful dessert. Now, everyone can have a gorgeous-looking cake right off the shelf, without the elbow grease. This unicorn-inspired baked treat features a confetti cake as the base. The colorful cake is topped with a thick layer of cake batter-flavored ice cream in alluring blue and pink swirls.


Unicorn Ice Cream Cake

walmart unicorn ice cream cake

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The pastel-colored ice cream is topped with purple whipped cream. It is finished off with rainbow sprinkles and a sweet pink drizzle on the center part. The cake’s side is also decorated with fun sprinkles so you’ll get a magical view of it from every angle. This decadent dessert will surely make any celebration or occasion more fabulous than ever.

unicorn ice cream cake

The perfect alternative to other frozen treats, this eye-pleasing cake is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients with yummy frostings and garnishes. So, it tastes as scrumptious as it looks. Cute and delicious, what’s not to love about it? The ice cream cake comes in a 34-oz round container offering 12 servings of dreamy goodness.

Let us remind you again that unicorn-inspired pastries are all the rage all year round. Trust us when we say that these goodies won’t wait for you on the freezer aisle for long. So, run to the nearest Walmart and get one now.

Source: Walmart