Bag of Unicorn Farts Puts a Magical Twist on Cotton Candy Treat

Everybody loves a good swirl of cotton candy on a stick—children, teens, and adults alike. For some reason, it just never fails to give off a magical vibe. Perhaps it’s the bright pastel color or the sweet, sugary goodness that melts in your mouth. As such, it has become an all-time favorite treat. For sure, you’re also aware of the ever-growing obsession of people with unicorns. In fact, lots of companies are capitalizing on this mythical creature craze to promote their products.

There’s the inflatable unicorn, unicorn Christmas tree, and even unicorn skeleton for Halloween. And the list just goes on for all things unicorn-inspired. Even cotton candy companies are rebranding the sugary confection as—wait for it—unicorn farts. Yup, we’re also not sure what to think about this marketing stunt.



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But apparently, rebranding cotton candies as unicorn toots doesn’t make them any less enticing. It all boils down to the brand’s wittiness and creativity. Take, for instance, this bag of Unicorn Farts by Neek’s which they describe as “Mythical. Magical. Marvelous.”

“Everyone loves these famous toots straight from our secret herd of mythical unicorns.”

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unicorn fats bag candy


Neek's Unicorn Farts

These toots come in a nice, blue packaging with a cute unicorn cartoon print on front. Each bag contains 2.75 ounces of premium blue raspberry-flavored cotton candy. With the resealable packaging, you can store your goodie for up to nine months. But we highly doubt that it would take you that long to finish a bag. Neek’s also offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case these sweet toots don’t satisfy your sweet tooth.

unicorn fats candy bag


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In addition, these bags make the perfect giveaways for birthdays, baby showers, trick or treats, or just about any occasion. Of course, the holiday season is also no exception. The oddly cute representation of cotton candy and unicorn will surely make it a crowd favorite in an instant.

Likewise, your guests will definitely find it hilarious. So, get yours here and make every occasion more magical. And be sure to stock up on these babies while supplies last. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Neek’s Unicorn Farts is a great product all around! I bought this item as a gag gift for a coworker and was not disappointed by the result. Her look of pure confusion put a smile on all the staff’s faces as we all broke into laughter. Although comical, the cotton candy was surprisingly tasty and reminded me of ones from the carnival. Only thing I wish is that I bought more.”

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Unicorn Farts

Get yours here.