‘Thoughts of Dog’ Is A Twitter Account Used By A Dog That Shares Its Thoughts

If you’re a dog owner, chances are understanding him is one of your greatest goals in life. Of course, this will allow you to give him more attention and better care. Moreover, there’s also probably a lot more to know behind those puppy eyes and sudden barks. For sure, dogs think about other stuff too. You know, aside from treats, toys, or the next thing that he’s going to destroy. Oh, how wonderful it is to enter the beautiful minds of our furry friends.

Well, perhaps Thoughts of Dog could shed some light on what really goes on inside the brains of our pooches. This Twitter page shares funny dog thoughts and some of the most random doggy musings. And we’re sure that every dog lover would be able to relate to these tweets.


The brain behind this witty page is Matt Nelson. He’s also the same man who created the sensational We Rate Dogs account where he provides professional dog ratings. Who would have thought that a random idea conceptualized at an Applebee’s would result in two viral pages?

“I realized dogs were a very hot topic on the internet. If I wanted my writing to reach more people, I wanted to utilize dogs.”




Currently, Thoughts of Dog has nearly three million followers, while We Rate Dogs has over eight million followers. It only goes to show that there’s undoubtedly a huge number of dog lovers all over the globe. Plus, it’s safe to assume that these pages are helping to break the communication barrier between hoomans and their doggos.





























If you can’t get enough of these tweets, you can also check out their Thoughts of Dog 2020 calendar and planner are also now up for grabs.