Airheads Snowcones Have A White Mystery Pouch

When was the last time you had Airheads? It must have been ages ago. Well, you’ll be happy to know that our childhood favorite chewy candies are now in the form of frozen treats. The new Airheads Snowcone is out and it’s the most nostalgic and coolest way to enjoy the summer.

This is actually not the first time that the popular taffy-like candy has been in a frozen form. Back in 2015, the Airheads Ice Cream was launched which featured tangy candy-flavored ice cream in different fruity flavors. Aside from the ice cream, the candy brand also came in other frozen versions like ice cream sandwiches and sundae cups as well. This year, the candy brand is offering another flavor collaboration to help us beat the summer heat.


Airheads Snowcone

Who doesn’t love to cool down with a refreshing snowcone in your favorite fruity flavors? With this new snowcone, you’ll get to enjoy the tangy flavor of the iconic candy and the refreshing goodness of the traditional frozen dessert. The summer-themed offering was released in February 2020 but it is only recently that people have spotted them on shelves.

The snowcones are available in 4 different flavors – Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and White Mystery. That is to say, we’re truly sorry for all strawberry lovers out there. Better luck next time, we guess. As you might have known, the White Mystery flavor has been changing every year. But those who have tried the White Mystery flavor of 2020 claim that it’s actually the best-tasting of them all. People say it has a refreshing taste, not too sugary and the tartness isn’t too overwhelming.

The snowcones are packed individually per flavor. But just recently, people have been seeing the flavors paired off in a single pack. One box has Watermelon and White Mystery while the other box contains Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Each box contains 6 individual pouches, 3 of each flavor. So, you’ll get two delicious flavors in one pack.