Confusing Pictures That Will Make You Look Twice

Sometimes we stumble upon some confusing pictures on the internet that we can’t understand at first glance. We’ll need to have a second look in order to figure out what’s going on in the pictures. But what made them so confusing? Is it optical illusion or perhaps lighting tricks? For whatever reasons, it’s hard to deny that these puzzling photos have successfully deceived our eyes in some ways. Besides, we only give a second look to the things that can catch our interest. That’s why we’ll make your day more interesting with our collection of confusing pictures that will make you look twice.



A giant grasshopper is out to invade the whole city! NOPE. Take a closer look and you’ll see a regular grasshopper landing on a car’s windshield.

AhoffNYC / reddit

Wow! A dog that can drive a car!

strddeviant / reddit

These creepy-looking plants made it look like zombies are trying to get up from their graves.

Cthulhu9920 / pikabu

The photos below are the same. It’s hard to believe, but the photo on the right is the exact same copy of the one on the left. The angles and lines in this photo create an illusion that make these photos appear different from each other.

djeclipz / reddit

One tiny chicken nugget resembles a whole baked chicken.

yowza4ter / reddit

Dog with four ears? Look again.

Hellrider91 / pikabu

If you think the bride’s legs are over the groom’s shoulders then you’re wrong.

camhanson / imgur

Mind-boggling photos you will stare at in confusion


Can a truck carry a cruise ship? No, it’s not possible.

kevenm / imgur

Teacher is at the office right now. Actually, he is always at the office. This clever teacher puts a picture of himself at his office door to make it look like he’s inside all the time.

baked_potato17 / reddit

Confusing pictures make you look a lot harder. Fours arms are better than two.

baisic / pikabu

Invasion alert! A UFO has been spotted hovering around the city! Oh no wait… it’s just clouds. False alarm!

confusing pictures ufo cloud
Glurt / reddit

No, this is not an x-ray vision camera. The glass window of a restaurant reflects a group of people and made it look like they’re inside a van.

BomgKampot / pikabu

We have a great cook in the house.

tatar116 / pikabu

The wedding dress makes the groom’s legs look like hooves.

Lasabian / reddit

We’ve found the Labrador with the longest body.

glovnon / pikabu

Are you seeing a painting in this picture? Sorry, but it’s not. It’s a picture of an overturned car. And the picture itself is turned upside down.

KungYuki / pikabu

Here is the actual photo of the one shown above.

KungYuki / pikabu

Who’s lifting who?

UncleBob13 / pikabu