Redhead Struggles Only People With Red Hair Will Understand

We are all unique in our own way. Every person’s skin or hair color is beautiful. However, for most redheads, there are lots of redhead struggles that we might not be able to understand. Redheads are not just known for their hair color; there’s also the millions freckles which of course all appear on their pale, pasty skins. Oftentimes, they are on the receiving end of jokes. Redhead struggles exist and these people have been living with these problems for a long time.

Here are some redhead struggles only people with red hair will truly understand, because redheads have common and interesting experiences.


When the sun is your number one enemy.

Redhead Struggles

A ginger person’s problems.


The struggle is most definitely real.


When you’re part of the 2% that make up the world’s population.

Lexi Durham

We believe in freckles.


When your skin only has two color modes.

Connect the freckles is their favorite game.

When you’re described as “that redhead”.

Ginger problems are real

When your eyebrows are not as obvious.

The more the merrier?

When you just love attention.

Maybe there’s a school for that.

When your freckles are like instant tan. Good enough.


More sunscreen, more fun.


When you’re a Weasley forever.

Alan Mathinson

When your skin problems are confusing.

Cple Putman