Misleading Photos You’ll Have To Look Twice At

We all know that things aren’t always as they seem at first glance. This is particularly true when it comes to photographs. So many things can influence an image, such as lighting, angles and perspective. And, then there’s the fact that many people edit and manipulate photos with software. Sometimes you just don’t know what to think! Here we have some misleading photos you’ll have to look twice at! Some of these images will really play tricks on you, others are just extremely cool. Take a look and enjoy!

This cup of tea looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie!

The weight of the cloud was too much for the railing to bear, it would seem.

We’re still struggling to figure this one out…

It’s not everyday that you see what looks like a flying boat!

This is like something out of a film where your shadow or reflection reveals your true identity!

It seems these two have swapped an arm each!

Turn your screen upside down and this will make much more sense…

This adorable chick has nailed camouflage!

This photo was taken immediately after a lighting strike. Crazy!

You think you’re looking at a boat right? Well, it’s actually just a shadow!

These specs have got their eyes on you!

This is a photo of two separate dogs, somehow merging into one!

A giraffe… or a unicorn?

Don’t panic, the goat has not been impaled!