27 Clever And Funny Coincidences Perfectly Caught On Camera

Life is definitely full of surprises! We don’t have any control over these situations but luckily, some of them end up being very funny. Sometimes people are able to take pictures of these moments. Here we have a range of clever and funny coincidences that you are sure to enjoy. Take a look!

Two couples who don’t know each other have matching shirts!

L33SA / reddit

Everybody seems to have the same car taste.

cs502 / reddit

How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

brosan / twitter

When you finally stop wondering where your wallpaper was taken from…This guy found his in Italy!

xbshooter / reddit

Nature has its way of communicating.

themattsquared / reddit

When your egg still wants to be a full-grown chicken.

raines88 / reddit

What is it with the number 33607?

Sneaky-Goat / reddit

Someone made a little visit! The same fish he caught last year.

lykab-oss / reddit

His friend’s cat is a famous t-shirt print.

unknown author / imgur

Companies are running out of designs.

azaleahey / reddit

Coincidences and ironic moments occur on a daily basis all over the world. Some of these occurrences are funny, some are shocking and with others, it’s hard to know if they are even real!

The photo of the rice meal was taken perfectly that the two companies just had to share it.

landy1 / reddit

She managed to create a clone of herself.

unknown author / reddit

Her husband didn’t know that he was popular with the kids.

mizzroberts / reddit

The nail artist got her idea from the candy wrapper.

whatserrname17 / reddit

This children’s book looks like it was personalized for her son.

designerlifela / reddit

His wife got him pair of socks that represents him perfectly.

IamtheEric / reddit

Even the fruit got bored of its own color that it got an ombre as well.

foudesoif / imgur

Everything is made with a purpose, no matter how funny.


The packaging got Bart’s hair just right.

D4ftHunk / reddit

You still get to see that perfect view.

BestOfMenMustDie / imgur

Whether you believe in fate, chance or luck, you’re sure to find these amazing coincidences caught at the perfect moment interesting. There are some pretty awesome, and pretty unfortunate, incidents to check out. Take a look!

When you finally get to see your long, lost twin.

salmeida / reddit

Deer know how to read and follow signs more than some humans.

aadair86 / reddit

 These guys fit together perfectly…their hair, I mean.

BigBagOfMaths / reddit

Looks like someone is selling Cinderella’s glass slippers.

TWrox / imgur

Maybe she owns both of those cars…

Koopatroopa_7 / reddit

They can stop wondering now if who owns the next car plate.

ngalfano13 / reddit

Someone was able to take pictures of the same bull, 5 years apart.

heathwards / reddit

Bless her face! What a great photo that has captured a great memory.

Amazing Coincidences Amazing Coincidences i wish this was andrew scott

When two of your suggested friends have photos that match perfectly!

Amazing Coincidences bridges match photos

Aww, this little creature thought it had found some fellow butterflies…

Amazing Coincidences butterfly landing on book

Most of the times, the most hilarious moments in life are those that happen by chance. When unexpected instances are too perfect to miss, we can’t help but capture these moments for the world to see.

Thankfully it’s just a cut out!

Amazing Coincidences dog doing business

A dog gave birth to three puppies. Each had their own corresponding number on their back!

Amazing Coincidences dogs with spots

Ever seen a set of flamingos in flamingo formation before?

Amazing Coincidences flamingo formation

We wouldn’t want to be on that flight!

Amazing Coincidences flight no 666

RIP, unfortunate fly.

Amazing Coincidences fly on cactus

This faulty product should probably be removed. It doesn’t advertise the product very well!

Amazing Coincidences good by cracks

A lucky shot or a very unlucky fly?

Amazing Coincidences mosquito dart

Four total stranger all dressed in striped shirts!

Amazing Coincidences stripy shirts

The irony in this photo is just brilliant.

Amazing Coincidences sure we can

We don’t think that treat would taste the same after resembling a human head!

Amazing Coincidences treat and mans head