Cats Will Love This Window-Mounted Cat Bed

Felines are insistent observers due to the fact that they were initially hunters in the wild. And if they’re not secretly observing you from afar, they are probably sitting on the window ledge observing the world outside. Why not make their life more comfortable by giving them this window mount cat bed? So, your beloved furball can look out the window in total comfort and luxury. Don’t think twice, your kitty deserves all that.

One of the most noticeable behaviors of cats is their fascination with windows. They would sit on the window sill and stare out the window for hours. Even if they have a way to go outside, they still prefer to watch through the window. As we said earlier, surveying their surroundings is a feline instinct that is innate habit for natural hunters like them. So if you see them spending most of their time by the window, it’s just them being a normal feline. The only thing you could do is give them a cozy place to let them enjoy the outside view even more.


Window Mount Cat Bed

window-mounted kitty pod

This window mount cat bed will turn your kitty’s favorite window into their own comfy room with a full view of the outside. It is so easy to use, there’s no need for installation tools. Simply mount it to any window using its heavy-duty suction cups that can safely sustain up to 60 pounds of weight. Designed specifically for cats, it features an enclosed shell to give your finicky pet all the privacy they need. Although they love to observe things around them, cats actually hate it when they’re the ones being observed. The enclosed pod can become their snug sanctuary so they can stare out the window in seclusion.

window mount cat bed suction cups


window mount cat bed

This window mount cat bed features open-ended design to allow your kitty an easy way in and out as they please. Plus, the cozy perch comes with a removable padded cushion to keep your feline pet snug and warm. The free pad is machine-washable and the sturdy shell requires spot cleaning to ensure clean, fresh haven for your kitty. It measures 27 inches long, 20 inches high, and 8 inches deep.

window-mounted kitty pod open-ended


window mount cat bed with pad


window-mounted kitty pod green

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