The Rare Sedeveria Pink Ruby Succulent Turns Bright Pink In The Sunlight

Apart from being low-maintenance, succulents are famous for the different colors, shapes and sizes that they come in. There are those that glow in the dark, while others come in unusual forms like roses and bunny ears. And, contrary to popular belief, succulents don’t only come in lush shades of green. In fact, there’s a rare variety known as Sedeveria Pink Ruby succulent which changes color under certain conditions.

It starts out as purple with hints of green. Then, it eventually turns bright pink when exposed to sunlight. It turns out that most succulents also have this color-changing feature. Apparently, it’s their way of responding to stress and other external conditions. These include weather and temperature changes, as well as moisture and nutrient content in the soil. Normally, this change in color is not particularly noticeable among most succulents.

Rare Sedeveria Pink Ruby Succulent
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Sedeveria Pink Ruby Succulent in White Pot
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These Sedeveria Pink Ruby succulents boast a lovely blush shade that can surely liven up any space

However, there are also some varieties with a more noticeable color change. And this blush pink succulent happens to be one of them. Sedeveria succulents are a hybrid of two other succulent types—Sedum and Echeveria. They come in delightful rosette formations that feature thick and padded-looking leaves. These hybrids often come in the shades of green, blue-green and silver-green. In addition, there are some that come with red or yellow accents to them.

Essentially, the Pink Ruby is a rare variant that takes on a pretty pink shade under stressful conditions. Thanks to Etsy store Chris Enjoys Planting, you can now get your hands on these rare beauties. The plant measures approximately 2.36 inches, so it’s relatively small. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a pot and soil. So, keep in mind to procure those accessories on your own. Also, do note that these beauties sell out really quickly, so you better act fast.

Alternatively, they’re also available on Amazon—some complete with cute planter pots even. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now and add a lovely pop of pink into your space for some positive vibes.

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