These Adorable Rats Have Been Creating Tiny Paintings And People Can’t Get Enough

Animals have always been a favorite subject for artists, that’s a given fact. But animals can also become artists too, just like these cute rats with their charming miniature paintings. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to their choice of pets. For Steph Toogood, the company of tiny rodents is incomparable. Intelligent, affectionate, curious and playful, they can be easily tamed and trained just like cats and dogs.

Steph was content and happy with the company of her rodent pets. But little did she know that she will become the owner of an art business. The idea of miniature paintings struck her back in 2018 when one of her pets named Jack had to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, Jack didn’t wake up from the anesthetic and passed away after the operation. So, to have a memory of Jack, Steph stamped his paw prints on a canvas.


These rats make wonderful miniature paintings with their paws

rats create miniature paintings


“I thought it would be lovely for my boys to do something similar when they were with me to keep when they’re gone, so I got some mini canvases and paint, and they’ve created memorial pieces for me to keep.” Steph explained.

steph toogood pet rodents

Steph would give her pets some paints and a mini canvas where they can print their paws to create miniature paintings. She was so delighted to watch her adorable pets create masterpiece after masterpiece. So, she decided to take photos of them while they were painting and posted them on Facebook. As expected, people were amused by the way the furry rodents create their paintings. Not to mention, their miniature paintings are as lovely as the rodents themselves.

toogoods tiny paws rats artists

Take a look at some of the most stunning miniature paintings courtesy of Steph’s artistic animals

artistic pet rodent shows artistic skills


toogoods tiny paws painter rats


artistic rodent showing his artwork


rodent paints on mini canvas


toogoods tiny paws rats art collection


tiny rodent painting on heart-shaped canvas


toogoods tiny paws miniature painting


pet rodents miniature painting


artistic rats paw prints paintings


toogoods tiny paws collection


steph toogood pet rats create miniature paintings


rats paw prints paintings


pet artistic rodents create miniature paintings


pet rodents paw prints miniature painting


pet rats create miniature paintings

Steph decided to sell the artworks after she was overwhelmed with requests to sell the miniature paintings. She created a shop on Etsy where she put some of her pets’ works up for sale. If you visit the shop now, you’re likely to find all items already sold out. Despite the high demand for the miniature paintings, Steph elaborates that she will never allow her precious pets to overwork. She explains to her followers that her pets won’t be spending most of their lives painting. And that they will only create paintings when they feel like it.

“I don’t want to use this page just for their art – I aim to promote the keeping of rats as pets and their welfare, as well as sharing what the boys get up to outside of painting,” Steph said.

toogoods tiny paws painting collection

Source: Facebook | Etsy