12 Things You’ll Understand If You’ve Grown Up With Your Best Friend


People make new friends throughout their lives. But, if you're lucky enough to have known your best friend since the two of you were kids, then you have a special kind of bond that can't be rivaled. It's a different type of friendship from any other in your life, and you wouldn't know what to do without your BFF. Even though, as you get older, you might not see each other as often as you did, when you were in school together, you both know that the friendship will always be strong! Check out these twelve things you'll only understand if you've grown up with your best friend!


There's no way you can keep a secret from your BFF.


You have been known to get a tiny bit jealous.


You can happily sit at home and do nothing together!



You still use childhood nicknames on each other!


You're not afraid to have disagreements now and then.


You know exactly how to make each other laugh!


You have a giant mental list of their food habits and preferences.


You can cheer your best friend up better than anybody else.


You're so close, that you may as well be family by now!


You're super comfortable doing anything in front of them, no matter how embarrassing!


You have photos of each other from that awkward phase.grew-up-bffs-awkward



You might have both changed over the years, but your friendship hasn't.

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