Doritos Has A New Twisted Lime Flavor For That Citrus Kick

Some like their snacks cheesy and some like them with a spicy kick. Whatever your taste buds desire, Doritos always has something for you. If you want something citrusy, the new Doritos Twisted Lime will give you that distinct zesty and sour taste with a hint of sweetness. This is actually not the first time that the snack brand swayed away from regular flavors. Just recently, the brand released the Mountain Dew and the Tangy Pickle flavors. So, it’s safe to assume that the snack company has its eye on bringing zesty fresh flavors for its more daring fans.

Doritos usually drops its new flavors with a blast. Surprisingly, the new Twisted Lime launch was very low-key. Not much was actually heard about it until someone spotted them at Walmart in Missouri. It turns out that the new citrusy tortilla chips are also listed on other retailers including Kroger and Meijer.


Doritos Twisted Lime

doritos twisted lime

The snack brand has yet to announce the official news about this new flavor. But based on the online listings, the new Twisted Lime comes in a yellow-green 9.75-oz pack. This might remind you of the recently-launched Flamin’ Hot Limon flavor that features the brand’s spicy Flamin’ Hot chips with a twist of lime. Now take away the spiciness and add more tangy lime into the chips. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this new flavor.

Source: Kroger