10 Awesome Products You Never Knew You Needed


Check out our collection of awesome products that everyone wants to have, even if you may not need them! We have thousands of products here on Awesome Inventions, and a lot of them are the kinds of things you've just got to have because they're cool, unique and simply amazing! Here's a few of just some of the items available.


Don't Even Ask Wine Glass

Dont even ask wine glass

Find it here: Don't Even Ask Wine Glass


World's Largest Coffee Mug

worlds largest coffee cup

Find it here: World's Largest Coffee Mug


Giant Liquor Flask

giant flask

Find it here: Giant Liquor Flask


Kitchen Towel USB Hub

towel hub

Find it here: Kitchen Towel USB Hub


Reclining Office Chair

recliing office chair

When you need a break simply lean back and relax.
Find it here: Reclining Office Chair



Soft Pretzel Maker

soft pretzel maker

Create a classic snack right at home.
Find it here: Soft Pretzel Maker


Convertible Bean Bag Bed

convertible bean bag bed

Find it here: Convertible Bean Bag Bed


Multi Tier Cake Pan

multi tier cake pan

There's no need for separate pans when you want multi tiers!
Find it here: Multi Tier Cake Pan


Hammock Backpack

hammock backpack

This fits all of your essentials as well as the hammock!
Find it here: Hammock Backpack


Flask Tie

flask tie

Quench your thirst wherever you are.
Find it here: Flask Tie