This 3-in-1 Beach Wagon Transforms Into A 2-Person Chair Shaded By An Umbrella

We want you to have the best summertime, that’s why we at Awesome Inventions will do everything to make that happen. And with that being said, we’ve found this 3-in-1 beach wagon that will give you a hassle-free beach experience. Now, this might remind you of the 2-in-1 beach lounger that doubles as a wagon which we previously featured. But instead of a lounger, our newest find converts into a two-person beach chair in just seconds.

One of the best things about this beach wagon is that it also comes with a giant umbrella. So, it is basically a wagon, a beach chair and a shade all in one. This multi-functional summer must-have is called the Lounge Wagon which is designed to haul your stuff so you can enjoy the outdoors without the hassle. No more carrying chairs, coolers, towels, umbrellas, bags, fishing poles and other beach essentials on your back. Just place all your gear in this utility wagon and haul it anywhere with ease.


This 3-in-1 Beach Wagon Is A Utility Wagon, Double Chair and Shade All In One

3-in-1 beach wagon

This all-terrain beach wagon has large, rubber wheels that easily move across sand and uneven terrains. So you can easily steer and haul your gear anywhere you want to go. It features a removable netting system to keep everything in place as you haul the cart. Once you’ve found your spot on the beach, simply unload your stuff and fold the cart down for the base to convert it into a chair. It features a comfortable double chair complete with head and arm rests. If you needed some shade on a hot sunny day, simply attach the included umbrella at the back of the chair for complete shade.

3-in-1 beach wagon removable netting system


multifunctional lounge chair with umbrella


multifunctional lounge chair

As a chair, it measures 45 inches wide and 23 inches tall along with the 11 inch high wheels that serve as the chair’s feet. The giant umbrella measures 120 inches wide and 32 inches tall to provide complete shade. Furthermore, the umbrella is made of UPF 50+ fabric to keep you protected from the harmful UV rays.

3-in-1 beach wagon dimension


multi-functional lounge chair


outdoor double lounge chair

This beach wagon is made from corrosion resistant materials that can sustain up to 500 pounds of weight. It also comes with multiple pockets and storage compartments to hold your phones, beverages, wallets, keys and more. When it’s time to pack up, simply unfold the base of the chair to turn it into a cart. Load all your things into the cart and haul away. It folds flat and buckles closed for easy transport.

portable 3-in-1 beach wagon


compact multifunctional lounge chair

Unfortunately, this beach wagon isn’t officially available on the market just yet. But you can pre-order now and choose your bundle from the project’s Kickstarter campaign. Production is set to begin on November 2020 and you should expect to receive it on March 2021.

two-person lounge chair


3-in-1 beach wagon with umbrella

Learn more about the Lounge Wagon on the video below

Source: Kickstarter