A Man Accidentally Left His Front Door Open And Returns To Find He Had Been ‘Chosen’ By A Stray Dog Just Looking For A Loving Home

All pet owners have different stories to tell. Most get their pets by choice, either from a shelter or a shop. However, there are also those who get to meet their furry friends by chance. Jack Jokinen from Fishtown, Philadelphia is among the latter, and his pet story is actually quite a unique one. While most owners get to choose their pets, it was the other way around for Jack who was actually “chosen” by a stray dog to be her new fur parent.


Jokinen narrated his unusual pet story through a series of tweets on his Twitter account


“When we found Suzy, it was a combination of scared and confused. We had no idea how she got here and worried someone was in our house. She was scared and shaking from being wet and cold.” 


He looked for open passages in their house, hoping to figure out how the stray dog entered their place. He checked the doors and windows only to find out that they were all closed. Luckily, there were security cameras in Jokinen’s house to help solve this mystery.


It turned out that the poor pooch didn’t magically appear out of nowhere


The video showed a malnourished and limping dog looking for a place to stay in the middle of the night. Apparently, Jokinen forgot to close his front door properly, so it was left open during the night. It took Suzy quite a while to finally decide to climb up the stairs leading to Jokinen’s front door. And when she found the door open, she didn’t hesitate to invite herself in.  

What’s even more surprising and touching is that a thoughtful stranger walked by and closed the door for him. So, the next morning, the couple woke up to an adorable surprise—an unexpected new member of the family. 




Upon seeing the stray, Jokinen knew then that she required immediate help. He took her to the vet right away for a checkup. Sadly, the tests confirmed that the nine-year-old stray has no chip nor any vaccinations. Clearly, the dog was suffering from malnourishment and other severe injuries.


“F**k whoever had this dog first”

Injured and Malnourished Stray Dog


Injured and Malnourished Stray Dog 2









Jokinen has constantly updated his followers on Suzy’s condition and even revealed that he’s keeping her for good


Jokinen knew that much needed to be done to help bring Suzy back in tip-top shape. But instead of simply surrendering her to a shelter, the couple decided to welcome her with open arms. Now, Suzy is living with Jokinen and his family, along with another dog, Jorge.





“Suzy is on the mend and getting better every day. Her body is filling out and she is on antibiotics to treat some of her problems. She’s got a long road ahead but is on the way.”


“Also shout to Jorge Pawsada who has had a baby and new dog enter the house in 28 days and is being brave as f**k”

Jack Jokinen Feeding Jorge




Luckily, Suzy the stray dog has found a new home just in time for the holiday season












This unique pet story has certainly captured the hearts of many. Helping a stray dog is surely not an easy feat. Plus, trips to the vet can also get quite costly. So, the family is gladly accepting donations to help fund Suzy’s medical bills. Interested donors may send in their love offerings through Jokinen’s Venmo account and PayPal account.

Source: Jack Jokinen