Times People Were Masters Of Passive Aggressive Behavior

Some people fly off the handle about the smallest things and aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what’s wrong to your face. Then there are people who are passive aggressive, and leave little notes, are sarcastic and/or display thinly veiled hostility when something isn’t to their liking. We don’t think there’s much benefit to passive aggressive behavior, but it can be pretty funny to see other people acting this way. Here we have some amusing examples of when people were masters of passive aggressive behavior. Take a look!

Generally, unless you’re really close with your neighbors, you’re unlikely to know who’s Wifi name belongs to who. So, if you’ve got an annoying neighbor that you’d like to send a message to but you’re not the confrontational type, changing your WiFi name does the job nicely! However, make sure to double check your grammar or face being owned like in the image below! 

We are taught at a fairly young age at school the importance of aesthetics and presentation. When we get older and start doing exams and coursework, we are often given specific guidelines on how to present our work, including what font to use. Most adults naturally respond much better to clear and simple fonts, rather than whimsical ones. So, why any adult would inflict such an eyesore on their fellow employees we’ll never know! 



We completely appreciate that many charities are underfunded and rely hugely on public donations. We’re often faced with tear jerking advertising campaigns that inspire certain people to donate. We’re fine with this. However, the charity responsible for the envelope below need to rethink things! It should be a person’s choice to help others and part with their money. They should not have to feel guilty or like they are a bad person should they choose not to. 



It can be super annoying when people can’t do a simple task such as putting en empty toilet roll in the trash can. But, it really does take 2 seconds to do. We aren’t saying you should let people get away with being lazy and messy, but getting wound up about it could be way more effort than it’s worth! Honestly though people, how hard is it to put your rubbish in the bin?!



Ah, this is one of the joys of shared accommodation. People like their food cooked in different ways, so inevitably things like this are going to occur. If only we were all a little more considerate of each other. A simple solution to the toaster problem is to agree to turn the nozzle back down to 0 after using so that the next person can choose their own setting. No more burnt toast! 



We can imagine the exact state the person responsible for this note was in when they wrote it. You get to that moment where enough is enough. You rifle around for a pen and paper. You start by writing about the thing that you’re most annoyed about but before you know it, you’ve snowballed into a mini essay. Then once you’re done, there’s a slam of the pen and a sigh of annoyance. You hope this will hit home to the culprit(s), but you know they’re probably too selfish to care. Are we right?



We have mixed feelings on this one. We know it’s meant in a sassy and humorous tone, which is easy to convey. However, you risk offending your customers with such a message. It could make them feel like they are being looked down on, or judged for their personal choice. Hopefully most people can see the jokey side and there were no issues as a result! 



So many people are unfortunately not so aware of their surroundings. Of course, when you’re wrapped up in an intimate moment, sometimes checking the curtains are closed isn’t a priority. However, this often results in people witnessing your private time. There will be those people who don’t care if they are seen, but some are genuinely unaware. Therefore we think everyone should follow the example below and let others know if their private encounters are being seen by the world! 



Masters of Passive Aggressive Behavior

Living with a loved one can be the best feeling ever. However, depending on the type of relationship, broaching things like rent can feel awkward and tricky at times. Of course, sometimes people genuinely forget things like when the rent is due, so finding a nice way to remind your other half is a good option. Below you’ll see what we think is an amusing and effect idea! We’re not too sure how it would have been received, but it certainly would have made us laugh.



Neighbor feuds can be a truly draining thing. Some people are unfortunately faced with the dilemma of sharing their home area with horrible people. We can’t really tell much about the situation that is going on in the photo below, but we really wish we knew! Shots have definitely been fired so it doesn’t look like there’s a resolution on the horizon! 



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