15 Homes That Have Taken Christmas Decorations To Another Level


Here at Awesome Inventions, we have as much Christmas spirit as the next person, and maybe a little extra to go around. But we know when enough's enough. The well-meaning residents of these houses, however, don't have the same level of restraint. We're all for festive decorations, but these households really need to learn the difference between tasteful and too much! 


That's a lot of lights! Plus, an inexplicable monkey flying a vintage plane.


Check out SpongeBob on the roof.


The trees actually look awesome, but that's an ungodly amount of lawn decorations.


The roof on this one is super cute, but again with the lawn decorations. Why?


Apartment Therapy estimated the cost of running the 1,000,000 lights on this house at $686 per hour!


This display takes tackiness to a whole new level.


We're pretty sure this home alone could light up the whole street.


Argh! My eyes!


Now, this one's just creepy.



We're not 100 percent sure that there's even a house under here.


Some of these lawn decorations look like they bear us ill will. 


When you've got a whole train, a choir of angels, a polar bear and an army of toy soldiers on your lawn, you know you've gone too far.


Imagine trawling those strings of lights to find that one bulb that won't work.


Santa stops here. Well, he couldn't exactly miss it.


Just wow.

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