Things You Might Be Doing That Make Starbucks Baristas Angry

Everyone needs a dose of caffeine everyday and Starbucks is always there to save the day. Coffee lovers around the globe can’t get enough of their caramel frappuccinos and iced hazelnut macchiatos, to name a few. But, who actually makes these delightful drinks possible? Yes, the baristas. Most of the time, we see customers getting pretty sassy and rude to the baristas and they are often extremely patient. They may not tell you in the face but they feel frustrated. And if you’re wondering what annoys them the most, read on to find out the things that make Starbucks baristas angry!

You came to the wrong place.

Specify the details.

Why are Starbucks drinks so hard to pronounce?

A wrong answer for a simple question.

Baristas have nothing to do with the pricing.

Not-so-happy happy hour.

Just in case you don’t know.

How does salt in your coffee taste?

Extra caramel is bad for you.

Be careful not to drop it.

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Make it simple and easy.

Is it too hard to speak clearly?

Some customers think they know better.

Learn your choice of words.


Don’t keep barking up the wrong tree.

Always have it ready.

No such thing as a ‘secret’ menu.

Customers are always right. Or at least that’s what they think.

Some want it extreme.