Men Reveal Their Girlfriends’ Weird Reasons For Getting Mad

Is your girlfriend mad at you… again? Many men have been in that tricky situation where the love of their lives ignores them even when they didn’t do anything wrong. Or, so they thought! Women (and men) are complicated creatures and to prove that, here are 19 men who revealed the weirdest reasons why their girlfriends got furious at them.

It’s all in the past.

*scratches head*

People’s opinions will differ on this one…

Sweats are comfy.

Boys will be boys.

It sounds like she’s insecure maybe. 

Guess only Miley Cyrus should do that.

This seems pretty unreasonable to us! 

An eye for an eye…

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Can someone please explain the logic behind this reason?

Oh dear…

I guess it’s the jewelry she was after.

We have no words. 

Is being a gentleman bad nowadays?

Couldn’t help it…

She can’t be truly hangry if she doesn’t jump at the chance for food! Sorry! 

Everybody’s got their own opinion.

Sometimes you just can’t win! 

Ignore her. It’s okay to cry. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!