You Can Get A Starbucks-Inspired Crime Scene Tumbler

Mystery, murder, detectives, serial killers – there are many other reasons for why we’re drawn to true crime. And there’s actually nothing weird about it, in fact, being obsessed with this genre is just normal. If you’re one of us then let’s make a toast and drink to that with this Starbucks-inspired crime scene tumbler.

Demonstrate your love for gruesome tales and mystery-solving stories with this unique cup that looks bloody good. This Starbucks-inspired crime scene tumbler is sure to hype up the sleuth in you. Its eye-catching design features blood dripping from the rim, bloody hand prints and blood splatters printed all around the clear cup, and the yellow ‘do not cross’ tape that can incite excitement in all true crime fans.


Starbucks-Inspired Crime Scene Tumbler

starbucks crime scene tumbler

That’s not all, the cup also features a bottom painted in dark red that looks like a splash of real blood. Furthermore, this Starbucks Crime Scene Tumbler is a snow globe cup. Shake or turn the cup upside down to watch red glitters move around slowly for a more convincing blood splatter effect. Of course, the transparent cup bears the iconic two-tailed mermaid logo. But please note that this is not an official Starbucks merchandise. It is designed and created by an Etsy shop for those who love murder media.

starbucks crime scene tumbler snow globe

The Starbucks Crime Scene Tumbler is available in Grande (16 oz) and Venti (24 oz) sizes. It comes with a removable lid and drinking straw. Also take note that this is a cold cup for iced beverages and is not intended for hot drinks. Just like any other snow globe cups, this shouldn’t be used in the microwave, unless you want to see this turn into an actual bloodbath. Bring this reusable cup the next time you order your favorite iced latte or Frappuccino at Starbucks. And enjoy your refreshing drink as you satisfy the thrill-seeking detective in you.

starbucks crime scene tumbler blood drip

Source: Etsy