Terrifyingly ‘JAWesome’ Baby Bed Recreates the Movie Jaws

How could something horrifying look so cute? By the way, ‘horrifying’ and ‘cute’ don’t seem to fit well together in a sentence. But this might be the first time that these two opposing adjectives may come together. As you can see, those are the exact words to describe this terrifying baby bed. Inspired by the 1975 thriller film Jaws, Joseph Reginella of Staten Island came up with this clever idea.

Reginella works at Themendous as a sculptor and toy designer. His work involves making custom-made sculptures and other props per customer’s request. And when he made an airplane-themed baby bed for a California customer, a brilliant idea suddenly came to mind. “I thought it would be funny if someone would order a terrifying bed instead of something mainstream,” he told CNET. And he found the perfect opportunity to make this idea into reality when his friend Mark was having a boy.

Jaws Inspired Baby Shark Bed

jaws bed


baby shark bed baby sleeping


baby scared shark bed


baby jaws bed

He uses styrofoam to carve the shark, water, and the boat that serves as the bed that holds the baby. Putting the baby in the vessel would make it look like the shark is about to swallow the little tot. That would be cute, right? For added durability and a sleek finish, he coats the sculpture in plastic and paints it with appropriate colors. Reginella completed the project in about a week and the result is a terrifying baby bed that is scarily adorable. You only need to look at these photos to see how the baby loves his special crib. Even pets would be delighted too.

making the shark bed


shark cat bed


shark bed


baby crying in shark bed

“Hey look, my baby is being attacked by a monster shark!”, that is something you’d be itching to tell your visitors. If you want this Jaws bed for your baby then we’ve got great news for you. You can order this item from Reginella’s toy line, Toxic Teddies.

Source: FacebookToxic Teddies