People Reveal The Shocking Reasons They Were Uninvited From Weddings

Being invited to a wedding is a lovely thing. Witnessing the love between two people during a day of fun and celebration is just awesome. However, what’s not so awesome is when you’re uninvited. Of course, sometimes this happens for reasons that are completely justified, but as these images prove, sometimes things can seem really unfair. Here we have a list of explanations revealing the shocking reasons people were uninvited from weddings. Take a look and see what you make of them!
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Shocking Reasons People Were Uninvited From Weddings

Time Off

This seems really harsh. Not everyone can get time off whenever they request it! 

Feeling Used

How rude for someone to help you out only to drop them… 

Money Troubles

This isn’t very understanding of the couple getting married. It’s not like this person demanded to have their meal paid for.

True Colors

For some people the length of a friendship doesn’t always equate to being super close. 

Unfair Treatment

This doesn’t make any sense to us!


This seems hugely over the top. Maybe this was just an excuse. 

Last Minute

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be a procrastinator! 

Tricky Situation

This is an upsetting thing to deal with but we appreciate the bride’s point of view. 


Unfortunately, people don’t always like it when you express your opinion. 

Think Before You Speak

This couldn’t have been very nice to hear at all! This is pretty patronizing. 


Whilst we really do sympathize with this person, do you think spitting in the bosses drink was too far?

Mystery Solved

This one is pretty self explanatory! 

Strange Requests

Wearing a dress does seem a strange thing to request. However, each to their own. 


The results might have been different if the bride knew earlier on. 


What an awful way to find out. At least this person doesn’t seem too bothered.