The Gift Of Nothing Is Perfect For Those Who Say They Want Nothing

Don’t you just hate it when you ask a person what they want for their birthday and they say they want ‘nothing’? Well, you can finally make their wishes come true by giving them The Gift of Nothing. And it is exactly as the name implies. It’s a cleverly designed box that contains nothing. Just an empty box of air with nothing at all, exactly what they wanted.

This is a funny gag gift and it is perfect for those who sincerely don’t want anything or those who can’t make up their minds about what they want. Obviously, there’s a reason why we’re asking what they want to receive in the first place. We just want to make sure they’re having the happiest birthday by fulfilling their wishes. And if they say they don’t want anything then so be it. This empty gift box is guaranteed to fulfill their hearts desire.


The Gift of Nothing

the present of nothing gift box

One of the hilarious things about this is that it’s deliberately designed to look like a jewelry box. It will certainly build their hopes of finding an expensive item inside. So, you can just imagine their priceless reaction when they open the box and find not a thing inside aside from the label that reads ‘This box contains nothing exactly what you wanted!’ Will they laugh at the joke or feel disappointed by it? Their reaction is indeed something to look forward to.

funny empty gag gift box


empty gift box prank


funny useless gag gift box

This white gag gift box comes with a cute white bow so there’s no need for additional wrapping. Simply write the name of the recipient on the box cover. With the phrase on the cover that reads ‘this gift is proof I listen’, they won’t know what’s coming for them. Make sure to get the camera ready as they pull the tab to open the box to capture the moment. Also a great gift idea for Christmas, Valentines and other special occasions. One happy buyer wrote:

“My dad is always the hardest person to shop for. Anytime you ask him what he wants and/or needs the response is always a shrug and a “nothing”. So he got a good chuckle out of this and a half-hearted promise that he’d work on an actual Christmas list ensued!”

the present of nothing empty gift box


the present of nothing gag gift

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