Amusing Images Of Technologically Challenged Old People

Modern technology moves so quickly nowadays. You’ve just bought your new phone and then the next model is released in what feels like weeks later. Most of you reading this will be used to gadgets and tech, but what about the older people in your life? You’ve no doubt spent countless hours helping a parent or grandparent setting up their smart TV or laptop.

This can be frustrating at times but when you look back it’s actually pretty hilarious. Take a look below at some examples of technologically challenged elders!

I can’t hear you!

This grandma printed out and mailed this photo she took of herself!

This grandma is very high tech!

Yes, our thoughts exactly!

This guy doesn’t know how to turn off his front camera heart feature!

And she wonders why her computer is running slowly?

This is too sweet!

This one guy thought these models were pirates!

This grandma doesn’t bother with bookmarks!

When grandma can’t work out how to use her remote.

The most polite web search ever.

This grandma couldn’t work out why her phone always told the wrong time.

This grandma printed out all the photos on her phone.

The struggle is real.

 It’s true that our parents and grandparents probably have a lot more knowledge and life experience than us. However, when it comes to saving the day technology-wise, it’s always us that comes to the rescue! These images make us love and appreciate the elders in our lives even more. Keep on scrolling for lots more laugh out loud images. And remember, if you have any similar funny stories about your older family members, feel free to share them in the comments!

Hashtag cool mom.

hashtag message


An iPad is not a chopping board!

Why bother zooming in when you have a magnifying glass?

This guy is so worried about his phone getting damaged he’s using it in the box!

That looks great mom!

Cool wallpaper mom!

This lady is using her front facing camera to take a mirror selfie!

This person wasn’t taking any chances with their mom’s new iPad!

engraved ipad


Well, this is embarrassing!

Dad’s loving his new camera phone!

We have no words.



No grandma, that’s not a phone!

Well, this is weird!

computer guy cafe


Shouldn’t this be the other way round?