Ingenious Inventions Created By Resourceful Students

If you have ever been a college student, you’ll have found lots of ways to save money on the costs of living. With mountains of textbooks, tech and beer to buy, it’s no wonder scholars have such a difficult time making ends meet. This lack of funds often inspires people at college to become pretty resourceful as these images show. Take a look at these ingenious and sometimes ridiculous inventions created by some very clever students. We particularly like the makeshift shower head! And, if you’ve ever created any useful inventions of your own, tell us about them in the comments!

This is a novel way to iron!

Taking full advantage of the snowstorm. 

What an ingenious idea!

Creative thinking has been employed here!

Why didn’t we think of this already?

Totally priceless!

The struggle is real.

Hmm, it could work.

Cool, but is it hygienic?

We seem to remember trying this one ourselves in the past!

We don’t see anything wrong with this method of boiling eggs.

Functional but weird!

An interesting alternative to a potato masher.

Interesting looking fire extinguisher!