People Share About How Having the Flu Can Get You Into Embarrassing Situations

There’s nothing good that ever happens when you have the flu. Not only your suffering dreadfully, but the people around you can get affected as well. Having the flu just gets you into embarrassing situations and it can ruin different relationships. Let’s see what confessions from people who are experiencing different embarrassing situations from having the flu. Once you read these, you’ll be more grateful that you haven’t gotten the flu!


I hope it doesn’t ruin your relationship.

A great trip down memory lane.

I hope it only happened at home.

Seems obvious on what he was really after…

How could you have miss the stench?

He means well.

No one will ever notice.

Sounds like you got yourself a great husband!

He needs to know what it feels like.

I can’t imagine how bad it got to have it reached your slippers.

When you thought the flu was already bad…

No one saw that coming!

That’s why you let sick employees stay at home.

When you’re too tired & sick to go back to your room.

One way to get people to stop messing with you.

Looks like someone’s gonna need a new phone.

When you got puking powers, you just have to use it against the enemy.

At least you can’t make other people sick.


He didn’t know you saved him from catching the flu too.

You might want to transfer to a different room.