28 Unique And Quirky Creatures You Will Find Strangely Charming

The great thing about people creating things is seeing how different imaginations run wild. And, isn’t it great when you find you love a person’s creations that you never would have thought you would have even liked?! Well, Spanish self taught artist Sandra Arteaga’s awesome work has that very effect! Sandra specializes in making unique and quirky dolls, illustrations, jewelry and more, and, each piece tells a story of some sort. Take a look below at some examples of her fabulous work!
Website: Etsy

An adorable alien/astronaut hybrid!

Can you imagine having a flower for a head?

This little cutie is meant to be a chewing gum!

This creature makes us feel happy just looking at it! Cute!

The look your mum gives you when you come home late…

This would be perfect as a Halloween piece!

How do you interpret this image?

Even creatures need food!

We feel that the eyes of many of the creatures make them feel somewhat real.


A friend for life in miniature size!

Those glasses are super trendy!

If only there was a switch!

This adorable star got wounded falling from the sky.

Sandra has a huge talent when it comes to making unexpected (and somewhat creepy) things lovable. The details she adds to her creations give them personality and life, meaning it’s easy to forget they are inanimate objects. Sandra’s items range in price from low to high depending on what you’re after, but there’s sure to be something you’ll love suited to any budget! We think these creatures make wonderful gifts and we only wish we could own them all. Keep going to see more awesome creatures!

A powerful message!

Slightly creepy, but we love it!

Imagine your head with this many eyes! 

The details are what makes these creatures extra special.

These colors remind us of ‘My Little Pony’!

This creature, although appetizing, is far to cute to eat! 

So many of these dolls we just want to cuddle and make their sadness go away!

A little girl doll with a difference! 

Books need rest too. 

Another doll that would look epic as a Halloween decoration!

Taking medicine, stirring and eating would be way more fun if spoons had faces!

Anyone else now craving toast?

This creature looks like it’s not ready to be born yet!

Beats a traditional unicorn any day!