40 Funny Cat Snapchats That You Can’t Help But Smile At

Cat lovers, let these funny cat Snapchats melt your hearts and make you burst in laughter. There’s a saying in the internet world that if you want something to go viral, feature a cat. True enough, cats seem to be everywhere. From YouTube and Vines to Instagram and memes, cats are indeed the lords of the internet. It’s no secret that the internet has brought cat obsession to a new level. But why are cats so captivating? For one, their expressive facial and body aspects are what make them the ‘perfect canvas’ for human emotion. Moreover, their unpredictable behavior makes them do surprising things that often catch us off guard.

Living with a cat is a pure bliss as they are often our main connection to nature. Every silly thing they do – being jerks, getting stuck in random places, knocking over a glass, sleeping on laptops. There’s something about their adorable shenanigans that can really make our day. As a matter of fact, studies show that people tend to feel happier after watching funny cat videos. So if you want to forget about your troubles for the meantime, go watch a cat video. Or better yet, keep going to see our list of hilarious cat Snapchats that will surely make you feel a lot better.


Hilarious compilation of cat Snapchats




As far as popularity is concerned, cats are undoubtedly leading the way. Although dogs are not really far behind. Despite dog’s affectionate and loving behavior, people seem to favor the aloof and austere behavior of cats. Over the course of time, dogs have evolved to work with humans. And domestication made them adapt to life with humans and learn to live as humans.

Due to dog’s human-like behavior, people often can predict their actions which usually don’t come as a surprise anymore. On the other hand, cats will never evolve to coexist with humans. Hence, we humans should be the one adapting to them. As innate territorial creatures, cats refuse to change their natural traits for the sake of humans.

















hilarious cat snapchats paw paint














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