People Share What Happened After Taking A Break In Their Relationships

Relationships go through ups and downs because there’s no such thing as a perfect couple. At times, when it’s too much too handle, some people choose to take a break to think and evaluate things. However, sometimes taking a break from each other does not work for the better. Here we have a list of people sharing what happened after taking a break in their relationships and the confessions are really something.

When you are secure about yourself…

But there some truths that hurt like hell…

Taking a break could help you re-evaluate your life.

Not an ideal scenario, but whatever works.

Don’t feel bad. You escaped. 

Choosing to be with him means getting over it. 

This is mega harsh. Some people are just cowards. 

Sounds like he got what he deserved! 

This is always the risk you run when taking a break. 

Sometimes your eyes are opened, but not in the way you’d hoped. 

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But, sometimes everything does work out! 

Giving each other some space is difficult.

The pain can be unbearable.

Losing your significant other’s trust, that’s hard.

But sometimes you gotta let it go.

Sometimes a break really does help. 

Like, really know for sure.

This doesn’t sound supportive at all. 

Maybe you should have thought about that before cheating, sorry! 

Sometimes the novelty wears off easily.