12 Cool Inventions You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On Right Now

We love cool inventions, but there are so many of them cropping up all the time, it’s hard to keep track. It is especially hard to find the smaller, non world-changing but still pretty awesome ones! From a lockable USB key, to a tube of toothpaste designed to let you actually use all of the paste, cool inventions are all over the world, and we bet you don’t know about a whole lot of them. Not all of the ones pictured below are hugely significant, or going to win any awards, but they’re useful and interesting all the same.

Top list of cool inventions

Updated Power Plug

Corner Paintings

Lockable USB Key

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Cat Hammock

Peeping Fish eye Door Knob

Bread Crumb Bird Feeder

Waste-Free Toothpaste

See-Through Highlighters

Glass Toaster

‘Think-Ahead’ Toilet Roll Dispenser

LED Light Slippers

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Keyboard Joystick