Confessions From Couples Who Don’t Sleep In The Same Bedroom

Couples, especially married ones commonly sleep on the same bed and in the same room. Society tells us that one obvious sign that there is trouble in paradise is when couples sleep in separate rooms. But is it really? Do we really know their reasons behind this decision? Let these confessions from couples tell you why.

Is not sleeping in the same room for couples a bad sign? Each couple has a story. Here are some confessions from couples who don’t sleep in the same bedroom.


When you just want to get some sleep so you just try to solve the problem yourself:


And when there’s no choice but sleeping in different rooms:


Because there are more reasons than we will ever know.


But sometimes it works.


And sometimes it creates distance.


Definitely weird, but it’s hard to judge.


Getting some space is really good sometimes.


But it could really get messed up without you realizing.


However, sometimes it makes the relationship work.


But it can be really weird sometimes.


When you’re a couple, but act like roommates:


And when separation is actually the solution.


But separation creates lack of intimacy.


When there’s really something wrong:


Sleeping in separate bedrooms does not always end well:


Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.


When you just gotta accept your partner’s flaws:


Loneliness does suck especially if you live with someone.


Some people just don’t care.


It’s crazy how separation could actually save marriages.