Confessions From People Who Have The Custody Of Their Siblings

Parents are supposed to be the ones taking care of their children. However, there are times when parents themselves are unfit to be in-charge of their kids. We are somehow aware of custody battles, which usually involves parents of the children. But when things are not as ideal, the one who is most responsible will have to take over. Usually one of the children needs to mature faster and step up to the plate. So what is it really like to have the custody of your siblings?

Here are some confessions from people who have the custody of their siblings. Because some people need to grow up faster than others.


What an amazing story of love and bravery.

When some guys don’t know what they’re missing:

And she will understand when she’s older.

When you are forced to become older than your age:

Kids deserve to be treated the right way.

But you can always go back no matter what age.

When you just need to figure it out:

Way to go!

When love begets love.

Maybe you can take it as a compliment?

When it’s just so overwhelming:

Such maturity.

That’s definitely not fair but you’ll get all the credit you deserve one day.

When some parents are unfit to be one:

Good things happen to good people.

You deserve someone better. If he truly loved you, he would’ve understood.

When mothers fail to act like one:

Doing the responsible thing.

Fighting for the right thing.

It’s going to be wild and rewarding at the same time.