Confessions From People About Blackmailing Another Person

We all have heard the word “blackmail”. However, not a lot know that it’s more rampant than we think. Blackmailing is basically a criminal act of revealing something in exchange for money or something else. To victims, it is a serious and scary thing. But to some, it’s just a simple thing to get what they want. This article is all about blackmailing and what it really is.

Have you ever met anyone who has blackmailed someone? Here are some confessions from people about blackmailing another person.


The things you can do when you’re desperate:


When you get even and then some:


And you just entered a sad situation all around:


But is this the right thing to do? Maybe there’s a better way.


Blackmailing someone is never a good idea.


When you do something you’re not proud of:


When you’ll do anything for pizza:


This is both a bad and really sad idea.


When kids do the dumbest things:


This is crazy.


Anything for family.


He probably deserved it.


This is a little bit funny when you think about it. Siblings.


When you welcome some scandalous situation:


Probably not the best idea to involve anyone into your own mess.


When you just wrecked someone’s home:


This is just wrong on so many levels.


When you know you did wrong and regret it:


To be honest, he was a jerk and he kind of deserved it:


When kids start young: