Funny Photos Showing Times Expectations Lead To Disappointment

Sometimes expectations vs reality can leave you bitterly disappointed. Whilst being sad is a normal reaction to disappointments, these people manage to think differently by seeing the humorous side to tough situations. Here we have a selection of amusing images showing times expectations lead to disappointment. Take a look! 

When you order a beautiful quilt on the internet and they send you these.  They are telling you to work hard for it if you really want it.

Crazy things can happen when your barber becomes too creative.

How do I look in this size XL vest?

It certainly doesn’t look good on humans.

This ‘frustration-free’ packaging is not living up to its purpose.

One big blatant lie.

What are mom’s friends doing here at my birthday party?

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A shopper ordered a sauna hat on the internet. But she received a medicine made from scorpion venom instead.

Perming my hair: expectation and reality.

So, you think the first day at school is fun? Wait till your mom leaves you.

I’ve fallen into a trap.

A girl asked her friend to take a picture of her in a hammock just like the girl in the Instagram. Well, that’s close enough.

When you try to make a joke by asking the waiter to put an egg on your drink, and he actually does. Haha! The joke’s on you!

“We ordered a wedding cake. These are wedding rings on a cushion.”

The wife chose to wear a matching outfit for today. The husband doesn’t look so happy about it.