Savage People Who Were On Point With Their Comments

Considering the quick rise to fame of social media, it has definitely allowed us to be more open to receive countless comments from friends and strangers alike. It has also created a platform for people to unleash their thoughts, feelings and observations that are often found amusing by others.With that, here are some savage people who know how to be funny. Take a look! 

#1 When you’re trying to be inspirational but someone else has other ideas!

imartinezp_ / Twitter


#2 I can’t wait for the day Hermione comes into our family reunion! Or even just a letter from Hogwarts, please?

ozkangaroo / Imgur

#3 Warning: Too much video games may cause hallucinations between reality and the parallel universe.

illidanffa42 / Imgur

#4 Oh no, looks like Rose is about to jump again. Why on earth Jack would feel safe around her is beyond us. Then again, Jack died so, maybe he’s immortal?



#5 When the fandom just can’t get over Mr. Cage. Why not?

Shitheadsteve / Facebook

Savage people know how to make a statement…

#6 Then you silently panic with your eyes hoping that it doesn’t do what you think it’s about to do. 

Strayian / Reddit

#7 Well, you know what they say. There’s always two sides of the story.

Beerbongs & Bentleys / Twitter 

#8 Point well taken.

SirEceryn / Imgur

#9 Yeah! Better take him to a specialist and perhaps, you too.

miketotheklocke / Twitter

#10 Don’t you just love those friends that make you feel loved, valued and appreciated?

Shitheadsteve / Facebook

#11 A passageway to the Umbrella Corporation maybe?

Yuhnsu / Twitter

#12 That feeling you get when you find out that the carpet looks exactly like what you’re wearing. Take me! Take me!

Shitheadsteve / Facebook

#13 On behalf of those who hate ads from YouTube, we beg to disagree. Ugh!

FRYGUY3699 / Imgur


#14 Every single time. Because, why not? Who says we can’t treat them like royalty?

jagimemes / Imgrum

#15 Again, are you totally sure? Just wanting to check. You can still change your mind.

ontheinternetnooneknowsyouradog / Imgur

What among these comments for you deserves an award for being the wittiest? We’d like to hear from you. Feel free to comment your thoughts below!