This Company Will Turn Any Room Into A Suspended Cat Playground

Cats are irresistibly lovable pets and we don’t mind spoiling them with all the good things. Our feline companions are indeed special to us. So, we make sure that we provide them with everything they need. From cat foods to cat toys and scratching posts (and even catnips), we give them everything that makes them happy. But would you go so far as to transform your rooms into suspended cat playgrounds? Goldtatze (Gold Paw), a German furniture company, specializes in manufacturing custom-made furniture for your kitty’s needs. In other words, they can actually turn any room into a cat playground.

Wooden, suspended playgrounds for cats

The design company’s product lines include catwalks, lounge areas, columns, and climbing sets for cats. Catwalks are in the form of suspension bridges that can be installed on walls or ceilings. These suspended bridges provide your pet with more pathways to walk to and fro. Aside from giving them more opportunity to exercise, it will also keep them away from knocking down items on counter tops.

Goldtatze lounge areas are in the form of boards, wall bowls, hammock, and ceiling hangers. This type of furniture gives them comfortable room to lounge or take a nap. You can install these loungers at the end or in between suspension bridges so they can easily access them. Additionally, you can install more furniture that can keep them fit such as cat columns and climbing sets. Cat columns in the form of scratching posts feature a thick sisal rope that can withstand their unforgiving claws. Your active kitty can climb or scratch on it, whichever they want to do with it.










All of the company’s furniture is made of durable, high quality wooden material crafted in elegant designs. All Goldtatze furniture are non-toxic and free from solvents. So you can ensure your pet’s safety as they play around or lounge on these suspended cat playgrounds. Premium materials and heavy-duty construction will make these products last for a very long time. Furthermore, the company offers 5-year warranty to guarantee that you get the best quality of furniture for your cat.