18 Ways Cats Hilariously Invade our Privacy

Cats can really be so adorable and there’s no question to it. Even if sometimes, they might get too clingy in a sense that they’ll definitely do whatever it takes just to have our attention; and that’s probably one of the many reasons why a lot of people prefers them. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to get yourself a cat, you must have loads of patience as they may really push you to the edge and get into your nerves. With that, here are some hilarious ways cats can show their affection and their need for attention.


#1 That feeling you get when you’re about to brush your teeth and suddenly your cat wishes to do it for you.

#2 When your cat needs to read more than you do. “See! I knew how the story will end, look in this part.

#3 Your cat surely knows that it’s more interesting than the internet.

#4 This is how your cat teaches you the proper way of painting. “No not here, put some color over there instead”

Pola Marinova

#5 Aww, that’s so sweet of the cat to serve as it’s owner’s hat for the day.

#6 “No, I don’t want you to play. Look at me”

#7 Notice me, master. Notice me. Here, come take a look at my belly. Come on, don’t be shy, I know you want too.

#8 “Susan, we need to talk about important matters. Are listening? Look at me”

#9 “Am I doing a good job at keeping you warm?”

#10 When your cat just wanted to help in your office work. “Let me help you, please? I know how this one works, trust me.”

#11 Now who in the world can ever get a good sleep when your cat’s falling asleep ahead of you on your face?

#12 “Hey, what’s that you’re looking at? Let me have a look, I’m bored too, you know.”

#13 Deciding to have a selfie turned out to be a groufie with them. #whencatsrule

#14 “OMG! Was that your ex? I scratched her before, remember?”

#15 Well this is how cats can invade your personal privacy. Feeling harassed yet?

#16 Can somebody instruct this woman on how to breathe while her cat is on her face?

The struggle is real.

Kristýna Dvo?á?ková

#17 “Did you just say personal space? Oh, let me see, let me see. Where is it?”

#18 What happens when your cat tells you to go to work. Yeah! Show him who’s the boss.

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