Ingenious People Showcasing Their Hilarious Wit

This might be an old cliche, but laughter, as they say, is the best medicine. And if you think that only trained professionals can be masters of ingenious puns, well this might just be the right time for you to think again. That being said, here are some amusing images showing times when ingenious people showed their clever side by using their imaginative minds!

When your beau is being too honest about what he’s been up to. Get you a man like this!

DysenTeriyakii / Imgur

This might be the right time to practice your vocabulary and speaking skills. See, learning the proper way of pronouncing words is really helpful in times like these.

sarcasticstephie / Imgur

Her daughter’s first ever Pooh. Should we flush it right away? Looks cute.

mishappeningDad / Imgur

The makers of this chopping board must be fans of Lionel Richie. That’s an A for effort!

ThePlatitudeFromOuterSpace / Imgur

Now, this is one way to nail it! If you know what I mean.

FistingWithJalapenoDoritoFingers / Imgur

Super Mario is real, and he’s in the supermarket, but wait, where’s Luigi and the gang?

manuelgomaster / Reddit

More like a brush with the Grim Reaper. Kidding aside, this is one creative project! More of this next time, please.

Tatarianism / Imgur

Hurry while supplies last! Oh wait, is this even a collector’s item?

Granary_Oaf / Reddit

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That feeling you have when you’re not yet ready to put those memories away.

InitHello / Imgur

At some point in our lives, we have all made some corny joke, haven’t we?

Icanpunanything / Imgur

Lucky is the man who was saved by this screenshot. See, screenshots aren’t that bad as we think they are after all.

ThePowerfulSwordsman / Imgur

Only true skateboard fans will understand. Will this make us cool now?

Imafishwithlegs / Imgur

A once in a lifetime view of the milky way from the surface of Mars. Beat that, NASA!


Oh, so that’s why it’s locked. Because it’s a top secret and bottom secret. It makes sense.


Well, this is one weather condition you wouldn’t want to see. A rare phenomenon when a twister hits Ireland during the rage of storm Ophelia.

karBreaker / Imgur

A remotely adorable picture that you can just stare at.

thedudeman15 / Imgur

These pictures have indeed made us smile at some point. Got your own witty idea, care to share it here? The comment section is waiting for you!