18 Photos Of Crazy Things That People Have Woken Up To

Some of us tend to wake up a little grumpy, still feeling tired. We sometimes fail to stop and appreciate the beauty around us. Inspiration and wonderful beginnings are often found in the morning. Look out your window, take a deep breath and look around. You might see something interesting. Here we have 18 photos of crazy things that people have woken up to! 

Waking up to an adorable face makes me want to kiss those cheeks!

An unusual but unique piece of art…

Staying home in a day like this is bliss. 

Having you as a friend is a blessing to wake up to!

Looking like this every morning will surely perk my day…

A shoe drying in the microwave oven. Now that is the effect of a night out with friends…

Baby monitors can be so freaky. 

The morning after. You look so cute and cuddly. Good morning!

This baby woke up and thought he was spider man.

When you wake up and realize that having good friends makes your day bearable…

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Darling! Where’s your head?

When you hear something tapping on your door… 

Looking good my friend. Close up when you’ve had your fill!

Aerosmith outside your window! 


What could have happened during the night? I want to stay in bed.

This is how you know you had too much to drink…