Times Harry Potter Perfectly Described Your End Of Semester Madness

Whether you’re in high school or college, that time towards the end of the semester can tend to be filled with madness. You’ve got essays and assignments to complete before a strict deadline, and then there’s all the cramming for finals. It can really feel like you’re not going to make it through. But, don’t worry… it’s not just a ‘muggle’ thing, they seem to face the same kinds of problems in the wizarding world. Here are thirteen times when ‘Harry Potter’ characters totally described your end of semester madness! Check it out!

When you’re so stressed out that you keep talking to yourself!

When you have that one teacher who doesn’t remember your name, despite you sitting in the front row all semester!

When you just have to lock yourself away from everyone to get your studying done.

When your classmates keep asking you about last night’s reading!

When you’ve got so much work to do that it fills you with rage!

When you’ve got that one friend who’s too busy partying to study.

When you go to office hours and your professor is, literally, no help at all.

When you’re just so ready to go on break!

When someone keeps talking about how good their grades are!

When you’re talking with your friends about the final for your least favorite class!

When you are just so done with learning.

When you check your grades online.

When you’re trying to study and people keep interrupting you with petty problems!

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