B&M Are Selling Summer Essentials For Dogs To Ensure They Have A Good Time

The scorching heat of summer is officially on! So, as you get ahold of all your summer essentials, don’t forget that your dog requires some too! Luckily, B&M has got your fur baby’s summer needs covered with their wide array of pet products. From loungers, water fountains, and even sunscreen wipes, your dog can now enjoy maximum protection against the sizzling sun.

The lounger is basically a raised pet bed with a built-in canopy that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. When used indoors, the elevated surface of this unique accessory helps protect your dog from cold floors. At the same time, it offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun when used outdoors.


Keep your dog cool all summer long with these summer-ready accessories!

B&M Raised Pet Bed with Canopy Green


Dog Lying on Green Raised Pet Bed with Canopy

On top of that, it also helps prevent the development of potential breeding grounds for parasites and insects. It comes in green and grey colors and measures approximately 90 x 79cm.

B&M Grey Raised Pet Bed with Canopy


Dog Lying on Grey Raised Pet Bed with Canopy

Just like humans, dogs have the tendency to easily get thirsty too as the temperature rises. So, if you love playing with your pooch outdoors, then we highly recommend getting one of these pet water fountains. Each set includes a universal connector, so you could easily attach it to your garden hose. Once you switch on the water supply, your fur baby can then enjoy fresh water with just a push of a paw.

B&M Pet Water Fountain


B&M Water Fountain for Pets

If you think that skincare routines only apply to humans, then you better think again. Apparently, even your dog’s skin and coat deserve some TLC too! Likewise, they need protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays as well.

Luckily, sunscreens specially formulated for dogs are now a thing, and they come in the form of towelettes. Each wipe is infused with a gentle, non-greasy formula that compares to SPF 15-rated sunscreens for people. Simply wipe it over your dog’s body, especially on ears, nose, muzzle and areas with pink skin.

Petkin Doggy Sunwipes

In addition to these three, the variety retailer also offers other summer-ready accessories like cooling vests, towels and mats. They also have paddling pools for dogs as well. Feel free to check out their website to see their complete pet product offerings.

Source: B&M Website