This Construction Truck Bed For Kids Comes With A Built-In Bookshelf

Bring more happiness into your kids’ bedroom with this construction truck bed. Young boys are fascinated by trucks the same way girls are with dolls. But this can also be true for the opposite scenario. The point is, there’s something about trucks that kids find so fascinating. This explains why they always get excited every time the garbage truck comes to collect the trash. Not just garbage trucks, but most kids tend to like trucks of all kinds. Well, trucks are huge, they have eye-catching colors and they make awesome loud noises. And kids love all these things.

So, you can just imagine the smiles they’ll be making when they see this kids bed in the form of a wheel loader. Your little boy or little girl will surely enjoy sleeping in this tractor bed. It comes complete with 4 large wheels, a loader bucket and the boom that holds the bucket. Obviously, the cab part is removed to make room for the bed. The loader’s main body serves as the kids bed that perfectly fits a twin size mattress. You can build this amazing kids bed with the help of a bed plan offered by Etsy shop HammerTree.


Construction Truck Bed With Built-In Bookshelf

construction truck bed

The plan for the bed plan is in a digital format and is available to download once your purchase is completed. If you want a full size version of the bed, just send the shop a message so they can provide you with the appropriate detail plan. The digital plan includes easy-to-follow instructions along with visual aids to help you build this tractor loader bed. It also includes a list of materials needed, exact dimensions for the components and the recommended cutting guide.

construction truck bed with built-in bookshelf


tractor loader kids bed


diy construction truck bed

To build this bed, all you need are several lumber and plywood sheets that you can buy from your local hardware store. Depending on the pricing in your area, the cost of materials should set you back around $200. Basic building skill is required to construct this kids bed. If you can operate a power drill and can cut 2×4 wood boards then you can easily build this one. No specialty tools are required.

construction truck bed bucket bookshelf


tractor loader kids bed design


kids bed tractor loader design


tractor bed design for kids

For easier assembly, this bed features a modular design. This means that the parts are to be built separately and assembled altogether in the room. It should measure 98 inches long, 61 inches wide and 61 inches tall when completed. Furthermore, the bedspace is designed to allow easy access to the bed sheets for frequent changing. That’s not all. The huge loader bucket also doubles as a built-in bookshelf for your kid’s books and toys as well. Plus, the 4 huge wheels hide a secret storage for your kid’s stuff. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Turned out great, took us about a day and a half [to complete]. Directions were very clear and so helpful. To say our son loves this would be an understatement, thank you so much!”

amazing loader bed for kids


construction truck bed twin size mattress


diy tractor loader kids bed

Get the plan here.

Source: Etsy