Freezable Bra Inserts Are Must Have Essential For Keeping Your Girls From Sweating This Summer

If there’s one thing that annoys women the most during summer days, it’s the boob sweat. Anatomically, female breasts have internal ducts that are similar to sweat glands. This explains why this area sweats a lot especially in warmer seasons and during workouts. And if you allow sweat to sit under the boobs, it can lead to rashes and yeast infections. Of course, that isn’t only uncomfortable but that would be embarrassing as well. To address this problem, there are modified bras that are specifically designed absorb sweat such as the Ta-Ta Towel. However, if you’re uncomfortable with wearing a breast hammock, you can still resort to these freezable bra inserts instead.

cool58 coolers freezable bra inserts

Polar Products introduces this pair of Cool58 Bra Coolers that you can simply insert into your favorite bra. This pair of cooling packs comes in a separate cotton covers. To activate the cooling packs,  put them in the freezer, refrigerator, or simply submerge them in ice water. When the cooling packs freeze solid, you can place them inside the cotton covers and use them immediately. These freezable bra inserts can deliver comfortable cooling for up to 2 hours, providing a moderate temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Even when the outside temperature rises, the cooling packs will stay cool for hours.

One satisfied customer wrote, “I used the bra coolers the first day that I got them. Best purchase I have made. I would recommend to any female.”

cool58 freezable bra coolers

You can get these freezable bra inserts on Polar Products website and choose your size. It is available in two sizes  – single set for bra cup sizes A, B, and C, and double set for bra cup sizes D and larger. You can also opt for an additional soft-sided Polar Cooler to carry your cooling packs. Don’t let boob sweat ruin your summer. Stay cool and sexy with the Cool58 Bra Coolers, get yours now.