Stressful Pictures That Will Really Test Your Patience

Many of us want to make the most of each day we get on this planet. However, there are days when life wants to throw you a curve ball. You want to be positive and up beat but the world’s force has other plans for you! Here we have a few stressful pictures that will really test your patience. Take a look and spare a thought for all of the people involved!

We all know that life doesn’t always run smoothly. These stressful pictures are the proof!

When cats make your life miserable…

White cat… dirty mud… no! Please, no!

When you want to show off your flexibility…

Don’t cry over spilt… toner.

When your brother did better at the lottery than you. Better $7.00 than nothing.

When you thought your day was gonna be great.

When even donuts betray you…

When this is life in a nut shell.

When your wife is mad at you…

When your husband is just plain annoying.

Evil in another form.

This person has joined the dark side.

How to manufacture avocado air…

When your only joy in life is to freak people out…

What a waste.


When life doesn’t always go the way you plan…

Somebody save the pizza!

When cooking is not for you.

Definitely not for you.

This is a thing that nobody wants. Someone should be sued.

When you know you gave birth to a future Picasso…

What a work of art.

Scariest pumpkin ever.

Everybody calm down. The tape will hold everything in place.

When you went to the wrong hairdresser…

And to a really bad one…

When you’re freaking out inside…

When your dog loves a nice mud bath.

Or when you feel neglected because there’s a new baby in the family…


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