15 Awesome Grooming Hacks That Make Looking Good Easy

No matter if you’re male or female, young or old, or anywhere in between, the likelihood is that you spend some time thinking about how you look. Even the least concerned about their appearance need to groom themselves to some extent. Whether you’re the kind of person who spends hours in the bathroom each morning or the kind who can be showered, dressed and ready to go in less than 10 minutes, some of these hacks will relate to you and might end up saving you some time, effort or money.

Starbucks napkins (or any 100% recycled material napkins) can be used instead of blotting paper.

To reduce irritation when you shave, leave your shaving cream on for 5 minutes before getting the razor out.

Make DIY lip scrub from sugar and oil.

Lip balm can stop shaving nicks from bleeding.

Use hair gel to tame eyebrows.

Towel drying your hair can damage it, giving you split ends. Try using a soft t-shirt instead.

Properly clean out your hairbrush with dish detergent and an old toothbrush. 

Groom your nails after getting out of the bath or shower, as they’ll be softer and easier to work with.

For soft, glowing skin, try cleansing with baby oil.

Can’t be bothered with lip scrubs? Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush. 

Smooth hair static with a dryer sheet.

Out of shaving cream? Use conditioner instead!

Coconut oil left on the scalp for 10 minutes can help tackle dandruff. A little rubbed through the ends of wet hair also makes a great leave-in conditioner.

Don’t forget that beards need conditioning, too!

Baby powder is an excellent alternative to dry shampoo.

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