Hilarious Pictures That Literally Make Zero Sense At All

Life is full of mysteries that are difficult to explain even with logic or science. There are things in this world that are impossible to comprehend no matter how hard you try. But these perplexing things are what make life more interesting. They say everything has a reason but I suppose there are some things that don’t need any reason behind them. I invite you to take a look at our collection of hilarious photos that absolutely make zero sense. You’ll soon realize that real life is indeed stranger than fiction.



Although the head-holding trend is taking the fashion world by storm, I just can’t get the concept behind it. It’s not even fashionable, it’s downright creepy if you ask me.

patrichia / Reddit

It would take a miracle to park your car into this garage.

oggmogg / Imgur

How did that shopping cart end up in there?

Willanhanyard / Reddit

Seriously? I mean, why? Why did he even bother to wear pants in the first place?

NethSSB / Reddit

There’s one student who likes making panini sandwich more than a laptop.

Junk / Reddit

Poor kid will have one unforgettable day.

davedawg2000 / Reddit

No, Pikachu! That’s not an ice cream, that’s a girl!


What’s the reason behind having 3 knobs for the same cold water? I can’t explain it either.

Reyzord / Reddit

Everyone is welcome as long as they are customers.

casual_front / Twitter

The internet is full of amazing photos but the most interesting ones are those that make zero sense at all, just like these photos.



Just when you thought you’re sober after partying hard.

photos that-make zero sense
Imakeyoulaughlongtime / Imgur

Horses are gonna be insulted when they see this.

ARemarkableRedditor / Reddit

This hand-shaped soap is willing to lend a hand for you.

nopethatspoop / Imgur

Packing all your medicines like this will definitely test your memory.

BennyBlanco_ / Reddit

Your creepiest nightmare personified.

Unknown author / imgur

We’ve run out of plates so you’ll have this for the mean time.

scottEkarate / Imgur

How do you package a bubble wrap? Wrap it with a bubble wrap!

davedawg2000 / Reddit

Is that chocolate coming out of a faucet? Don’t be fooled. It’s dirty tap water.

TwistedLigament / Reddit

Adding phones will make the rice tastier, said no one ever.

UniqueDude2 / Twitter

This island doesn’t accept any more occupants and it’s not that hard to see why.

jennaflores / Reddit