Meet Brody – The New Bristol Police Therapy Dog That Decided To Take A Nap During His Own Swearing-In Ceremony

Police dogs can be pretty intimidating. But before becoming the extremely disciplined good boys (and girls!) who help keep us safe, they were all adorable puppies. Take for example Bristol Police Department’s new K-9 comfort dog, Brody! This adorable 3-month-old chocolate lab puppy won everyone’s hearts after he slept through his entire swearing-in ceremony!

It might have had something to do with it being held on an early Monday morning. But then again, maybe it doesn’t. Puppies, are literally babies, after all. And they tend to sleep a lot at this stage in their lives. And even the Bristol Police Department’s newest addition, is no exemption. His swearing-in ceremony lasted a little under 7 minutes, but it was enough for everyone to see how cute and amazing this dog is.


Brody is Bristol Police Department’s first K9 comfort dog


“I began to research patrol K9s, such as bomb and narcotic detection, and came across some information on Facebook, in New England Police Comfort Dogs group. I was immediately drawn to this type of therapy and dog program.”

According to the dog’s on-duty partner, Officer Medeiros, the Bristol Police Department has never had a K-9 comfort dog in their roster before. But since the department’s Chief of Police Kevin Lynch wanted to implement a K9 unit in their department, Officer Medeiros decided to look into it. Then, after stumbling upon a Facebook group for New England Police’s comfort dogs, he knew that their department needed one too. Having a trained K9 comfort dog would surely help Officer Medeiros, as he is a school resource officer responsible for all the schools in their department’s jurisdiction.


Officer Medeiros immediately set to start the K9 comfort dog program

“I then made contact with Peggi and David Brogan who own Boonefield Labradors in Rindge, New Hampshire,” he recounted. According to the Officer, the couple “generously donates Labradors to police departments that want to start this type of program.” But the process didn’t stop there. Office Medeiros shared that he spent “many weeks of research and making contacts across New England” before he could put a proposal that he could present to Chief Lynch.

After going through the process, Officer Medeiros was finally able to take puppy home. The pup’s name, comes from mashing together the words ‘Bristol’ and ‘Rhode Island’. After the dog receives his proper training, the pooch will become a K9 therapy dog for young people. Then later, when he proves his skills, Officer Medeiros also plans to bring him to senior centers, veteran’s homes, the local university, and even to community events.


The pandemic’s not stopping the pup from learning his K9 duties

The COVID-19 pandemic is also affecting his training in some ways. The puppy isn’t confined to stay in quarantine indoors right now, since he’s already a sworn-in K9. But his activities are limited. However, he isn’t getting as much interaction with the community as he should. “A typical day for him at this time is playing a lot and obviously sleeping a lot,” Officer Medeiros shared.


“During the week, he is usually making security checks of the five schools in our time 2-3 times a day and getting used to the police station and all the sworn and civilian members. He gets as many interactions as it’s possible while practicing social distancing. When COVID-19 is under control, he will be with me in our local high school on a daily basis as well as the elementary schools in our school district.”


The adorable K9-in-training is living with his handler’s family

When not on-duty, the pup stays in the Medeiros residence and plays with the Officer’s family and pet dog, Ziggy. According to Officer Medeiros, he treats their 6-year-old Black English Labrador Ziggy as if he were its older brother. “As for Brody’s favorite snack, it’s his training treats! He’s very much food motivated,” Officer Medeiros said.

They will start training this sleepy puppy soon. He’ll also be taking monthly trips to Boonefield Labradors in New Hampshire. Then, in a year’s time, the pup will be a full-fledged K9 unit, provided that he passes all his exams. But for now, this adorable little chocolate lab can enjoy his puppy days a little longer.


Watch Brody sleep through his swearing-in ceremony


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