Cool Photos That Will Make You Almost Too Happy

There’s a very satisfying feeling in looking at amazing things. It is for this reason that we’re bringing you these cool photos. We don’t need any fancy stuff to find happiness because money can’t buy true happiness. There’s no need to go to a therapist to uplift your mood because we have something as effective as therapy. Even the simplest of things can bring us joy and satisfaction. All we need to do is look around us, there are lots of awesome things that can soothe our senses. Take a look at these cool photos of amazing things to give you a boost of optimism and bliss.




Squirrels don’t usually bite human fingers but if you’re going to offer it to a hungry squirrel then expect them to dig in.

Reddit | smcochr2

As a tribute to Canada’s 150the anniversary last year, Skittles offered this special pack with only red and white-colored candies.

Reddit | AffableJoker

Have you ever wondered how powerful a lightning can hit? Let this tree remind us how powerful nature can be.

Reddit | Bongl0rd

Underwater caves are the main attraction at Ginnie Springs in Florida. With its crystal clear waters, caves beneath the water can be seen from the surface.

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

Pears are known for its unique shape but what if they suddenly change shapes? This one tried to look like a banana but nice try.

Reddit | bafunke

Hawaii holds some of the most surprising volcanoes in the world. If you ever wonder how surprising they can get, imagine driving on a peaceful street and BAM! Lava flow is suddenly chasing after you!

lava flow cool photos
Reddit | ubergeek404

Books for tall people? More like books for giants.

Reddit | mineraloil

Amazing photos that will uplift your spirit



What are the chances of capturing a lady standing through a train gap? It’s not actually a big deal but this guy is bragging about it when he took this photo.

Reddit | RalleBoye95

What happens when you leave a hard-boiled egg in the fridge for a year. This happens. The inside of the egg looks and feels like a hard marble.

Reddit | PoojiethePillowPet

Who would’ve imagined that incense doesn’t only give pleasant smell but it also gives pleasant sight? This long exposure photography of a lighted incense creates an eye-appealing smoke effect.

Reddit | HappinessIsAWarmSpud

No Photoshop is involved in the making of this photo. The eagle is literally flying upside down while turning its head around.

Reddit | audruselka

“I was detangling the belt when it suddenly snapped out of my hand and lodged itself under the parking brake. Neither brake nor belt would budge. Had to call for a tow.”

Reddit | QuakeC

This particular franchise of Star Wars is probably especially made for this solo cups marketing scheme.

Reddit | Lordmonocrona

What can you see in this photo? Your eyes may be deceiving you if you’re seeing a creepy forest. This is a high-definition photography of a human eye and the tree-looking things are blood vessels.

Reddit | sins_since_16