Strange And Amusing Photos That Will Leave You Wondering

Life is full of mysteries that not everyone can easily explain. The internet is often one of the sources of those mysteries. We can’t always figure something out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it! Here are some strange and amusing photos that will leave you wondering!   

Just hanging out with his best dog buds. They treat him like their own.

This dog should be feeling really proud from finally reaching the top of the tree.

Even chickens would want to eat fancy dinner other than the one being eaten.

His cat’s posing oddly and the neighbor’s chickens seem to be enjoying the view.

This makes you feel betrayed.

This duck looks adorable and he wants someone to pet him.

This cat looks like he’s taking a break from life.

How is this rooms priced at $500 a week?! It doesn’t even include other expenses!

Is it normal for dogs to be like this?

When you want to hide from other people…

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Maybe the tool came as a freebie from purchasing the tire.

Even knights in shining armor needs time to work out.

Being a mom and a true baseball fan must have been her greatest joy.

Just because it looks like garbage, doesn’t mean it is.

Somewhere, someone is getting all the love he deserves.

Just in case…

people find it hard to see the pool.

I wonder if he noticed their resemblance.

Guess who’s disappointed?

Big foot left both of his feet on the streets.

Darth Vader doesn’t want to be in the dark side anymore.

Just having dinner with the whole family.